Individual Finals were held on Tuesday 1st September 2021.

Theindividual winners are ........

No 1s    Pete Bloor

No 2s   Alex Wood 

No 3s   Scott Medlin

Congratulations to the winners and also the runners up.




  1. All matches to commence promptly at 7.00 pm. All players to arrive on time. Matches to be played in a 3-2-1 order unless all six players involved in the match agree a change.  If the player who wishes to change cannot get all the other players agreement, a substitute should be obtained. All players are expected to stay, assist with marking including completing the score sheet and supporting their team.


  1. American scoring system (i.e., every point counts irrespective of server).


  1. After a five-minute knock up play will be for 30 minutes with a 2 minute interval after the first 15 minutes. After the second 15 minutes time will be called, any time wasted will be lost.


  1. The player with the higher handicap will start with a lead of the difference to nil (eg., handicaps of –10 and +4, the +4 player starts with a 14-0 lead).


  1. League positions for teams and individuals will be based on the number of games won and the point difference between points for and against.


  1. Players who fail to turn up or turn up late will lose time and points. (Opponents will be compensated if entered on card)


  1. Entrance fee of £55 is payable in advance. Preferably by BACS payments or on the night of your first match – covers Court Fees, Trophies etc.   NO PAY, NO PLAY, NO POINTS!!!


  1. Failure of a team member to play or obtain a substitute in accordance with rule 9 will result in points being deducted.


  1. A Substitute may be selected from the other players in the same category. The substitute must play from a handicap six points worse than on the Handicap List. If a player substitutes for the same team a second or any subsequent times for the same team he must play from a handicap Ten points worse than on the Handicap List. All substitutes for the Semi Finals & Finals will play off an additional 10 points worse than on the Handicap List regardless whether they have played for the same team in the past or not.


  1. Individual Tournament – The Top Two players in each section based on wins and point difference after each team has played each other twice will play in an individual final at the end of the Summer League Season. A league table will be displayed on a regular basis.


  1. After each team has played each other once, the top five teams based on wins and point difference will play in League ‘A’ and the bottom 5 teams will play in League ‘B’ for the second half of the season. All wins and points gained in the first half will be carried forward in to the second half of the season and when all the teams in each league have played each other again, the top 2 teams in league ‘A’ will play in the Summer League Final and the top 2 teams in league ‘B’ will play for the Plate.


12.   The Committee’s decision is FINAL in all matters & may adjust players’ handicaps at any time.

        (Summer League committee Dave O’Brien & Paul McKee)